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Prohibited Items & Custom Clearance

Our Prohibited Items We will ship any kind of package to any destination, subject to local import regulations and the following restrictions. We are unable to transport:

  • Money - including stocks and bonds
  • Explosives - including fireworks and flammable items
  • Human or animal corpses – including organs and body parts
  • Firearms, weaponry, ammunition and other dangerous goods
  • Perishable items such as food and beverages requiring refrigeration
  • Lottery tickets and other gambling materials
  • Personal Duty Free items
  • Pornographic materials
  • Hazardous waste such as syringes, chemical by-products or medical waste
  • Ice and other frozen items
  • Live animals, including insects
  • Antiques, precious metals and jewellery
  • Plants and plant material (cut flowers may be permitted via certain routes)
  • Packages that are unfit for transportation, such as wet, leaking or odorous items
  • Shipments that are inadequately packaged
  • Shipments that require Cash on Delivery
  • Shipments that are prohibited by law, regulation or statute
  • Shipments requiring TPS to acquire a special licence for transportation, import or export
  • Shipments that are processed under Carnets, Drawback Claims, Temporary Import Bonds or Letters of Credit, unless by prior arrangement
If any of the above items are transported in error, TPS Worldwide Express Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever. If you are unsure whether your package or shipment will be permitted, please contact Customer Services using our contact us page link.